DESCRIPTION: It's rare to find something that boosts your mood, energy, and immune system (usually stimulants are not very body-friendly!), yet this little wonder oil does all three. Salute roll-on oil gives you a real boost in the morning, particularly after broken sleep, and is great for focus when you are busy at work or studying. It invigorates your brain to keep working when you are tired or jet-lagged. It is also very handy to have the morning after a big night out. Citrus notes, which usually have a light fragrance - but these oils also have depth.


Ingredients:  Bergamot is immediately uplifting to the spirits and is also excellent for stress and anxietyZesty grapefruit eases S.A.D (Seasonal Adjustment Disorder) and jet lagRosemary boosts mood, energy levels, and the immune system. It wakes up the mind and helps it to focusAlso contains: Sacred cedarwood, ravensara (a gentler cousin in the eucalyptus family), with a hint of patchouli and ylang ylang

Roll on Oil - 'Salute'